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Java Outlook Connector
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 Feature   Basic edition Professional edition Team edition
E-mail operations 
   Read e-mail messages 
   Get messages' attachments 
   Send, forward and reply to e-mails 
Calendar operations 
   Access appointments 
   Get appointments' recurrence patterns 
   Ability to send an appointment 
   Read meeting requests sent from other users 
Contacts and address book operations 
   Read contacts 
   Read distribution lists 
   Access address lists and entries 
   Get/set the follow-up flag information 
Tasks operations 
   Access tasks 
   Send and respond to task requests 
   Read tasks requests sent from other users 
UI automation 
   Open an Outlook explorer window 
   Open an Outlook inspector window 
   Access Outlook notes 
   Display Outlook items 
   Find items based on criteria 
   Sort items by specific properties 
   Read items' user defined properties 
   Set reminders 
   Load .pst files 
   Read/save .msg files 
   Supports Java Web Start deployment 
Advanced features 
   Get Outlook 2007 accounts information   
   Get/set items' MAPI properties   
   Get SMTP addresses when connected to Exchange   
   Read full e-mail's SMTP headers   
   Read folder permissions   
   Read/write Windows registry   
Developers licenses included  Limited to one developer Up to 3 developers Unlimited (Site license)
Price  $ 289 $ 699 $ 1 999

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