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Software development & consulting services
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What we do?
Moyosoft is a software development and consulting company specialized in Java, .NET and web technologies. The company creates challenging applications and libraries while focusing its efforts on user experience and new technologies.
Messaging & collaborative solutions
We have built various messaging and collaboration products and solutions around Microsoft technologies such as the Exchange server or the Outlook client. With our expertise, we can help you build your collaborative tools and integrate with popular messaging systems.
Native & platform-specific development for Java
We can enhance your Java projects with native or Windows specific components bringing additional features and value to your users and customers.
User experience consulting
Understanding the users' needs is a key in making useful software. We focus on every detail, with the user in mind, to make sure your project provide a usable and simple interface and coherent experience.
How we work?
We prefer to use an iterative and incremental development process using agile methodologies. We communicate regularly with customers and the software users to keep everybody informed and make sure what we're building is what the users need.
We focus on competence and skills more than hourly rates. We believe that, in the end, highly competent engineers deliver much more cost effective results than cheap outsourcing.
Developers network
By making products for software developers, we're not only building a customers base, but also a broad network of software developers. Among our customers and partners, we know a wide range of competencies and software providers that can be a solution for you. Let us know what you require for your project and we'll find you an expert for your needs.
How much do we charge?
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A full day of our services is offered for free to new customers. We trust that you will be satisfied with our work and will keep working with us after your trial.

This offer is subject to availability and limited to new customers considerably interested in our software development services offers.

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For more information on our services, our rates and availability, please don't hesitate to contact us by email and tell us about your project and requirements.
What our customers say?
Thank you so much for your support! I am extremely grateful.
Everything is working now :-) I will recommend JOC to my colleagues and I expect we will be buying more licenses from you in future.
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Some of our customers
Our customers include individuals, small companies as well as large organizations. We love to make our customers happy with great customer service, useful products and our development services. Don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts about our company.